Welcome to “The World at Large”

Hello everyone!

My name is Brian and this is my blog, The World at Large.

This is going to be an economics focused blog, but will touch on various topics like politics, world events, history and anything else that comes to my mind…could be music to books. I will try to keep things economics related, or at least tinged, since that is the intent of this blog, but sometimes this may not be the case. I will strive to keep political “social issues” economics related, otherwise it won’t be here.

So, a few quick things to get this started.

I got the name when deciding I would shift from just a purely economics blog, to…well, the world at large. This reminded me of the Modest Mouse song, and it’s lyrics about drifting (“If the world’s at large why should I remain?”) made me think about the huge body of economic work out there, and how much of it is marginalized, forgotten about, unknown or ignored by mainstream economics. I hope to provide a fuller view of things.

So who am I? I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and have always had a casual interest in economics, which really took off in 2009 courtesy of the Great Recession. I was in college at the time and already far along with my major so never really gave economics a thought to pursue, outside of a few classes. So I read a lot on my own time, books and online. Nothing with reality really seemed to “sync up” with what I was taught and read, so began my journey.

My economic views (and thus to a decent extent political/governmental views) have covered both mainstream left and right, (Krugman to Friedman) Austrian, and now Post-Keynesian…this school of thought being what I feel is correct. This will be greatly expanded on over time.

I have taken several economics classes: Micro and Macro at the intermediate levels, labor economics, money & banking, trade as well as international political economy. I’d say I’m fairly well read in economics. I have read textbooks by Mankiw and Mishkin, articles by Krugman, works by Friedman, works by Austrians (Mises, Rothbard, Hayek) and numerous articles, blog posts and reports from libertarian institutes (Cato) to leftist (EPI, PERI, Levy) and in between. It’s amazing the universe of information available to us today thanks to the internet.

My favorite economists are:

Mainstream: Joe Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, Thomas Piketty, Robert Shiller

Non mainstream: L Randall Wray, Steve Keen, Robert Pollin, Dean Baker

Historical: J.M. Keynes, Irving Fisher, Hyman Minsky, Joan Robinson

Hope you enjoy!



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